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Discover and Develop Your
Leadership Potential

Build Engagement

Ensure long-term employee retention, higher levels of productivity, and improved quality of work.

Drive Performance

Enhance the ability of your team to learn, discover, innovate and lead, to achieve efficiency and financial benefit.

Lead Change

Effectively manage the planning, implementation and transition of new initiatives.

“Abdul-Fattah is an excellent leader who can instil confidence and get the best results through effective coaching and guidance.”

Vahid Aleheidar
Technical Architect & Consultant
Sydney, Australia

“Working with Abdul-Fattah was always a pleasure; he was always very patient and understanding throughout the entire process, he was also very personable to work with, showed great respect for me, his team… Hopefully can work with him again soon!”

Cherilyn Wyner
Technical Recruiter
Sydney, Australia

“It was a pleasure working with Abdul-Fattah… He has been very generous in passing on his knowledge to others… It was a great experience and I believe that he brings a great contribution to any team he works with.”

Miqdad Hassan
Founder & Managing Director
Sydney, Australia

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